Jackson Associates - Your Partners in Educational Planning

Still Undecided?

You may have questions about what makes Jackson Associates unique and how our services may be a fit for your family. These are the questions we most often encounter:Jackson Associates

Q. When do we have to pay the fee?

A. Fees are never charged up-front; you are always welcome to come in on an hourly basis. If you decide to work with us toward a residential placement, fees are charged incrementally as the work is accomplished.

Q. What does your contract state and when do we have to sign it?

A. We do not utilize a contract for our services. We begin our work by outlining expectations in a letter to you- what you may expect from our professional services, and what we will expect from you. We believe it is essential to have mutual trust in the counseling process and this has been validated over many years. We are committed to helping you and believe you will be committed to helping your child.

Q. When I call will I be able to speak directly with a counselor?

A. Yes. At Jackson Associates all parent inquiries are answered by one of the counselors: Brooke Jackson or Alice Jackson. Once you have become a client, you will have direct access to your counselor through a personal call line. Calls are returned promptly, and access is not limited to weekdays.

Q. What is the educational experience and background of the counselor with whom I will be working?

A. We both have clinical counseling backgrounds. Brooke holds her doctoral degree in clinical psychology, and is licensed in the State of California. Alice is a Master’s level counseling psychologist and been a highly respected educational counselor since 1976. Both have specialized in working with families, children, adolescents and young adults.

Q. How will I know which counselor I should be working with, who will specialize in my area of need?

A. At Jackson Associates, we have found that the team approach adds immeasurably to our ability to provide comprehensive support to the families with whom we work, and a level of clinical insight that leads not only to successful match, but also to a positive experience of this process for all family members. Alice’s breadth of experience and Brooke’s background in clinical psychology make us a unique team, allowing us to focus on the needs of the whole child in our consideration of placement options. Both Alice Jackson and Brooke Jackson are fully knowledgeable about day school, boarding school and therapeutic program choices for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Q. Will our educational counselor be available to meet with us on weekends?

A. Absolutely. We have weekend hours and can also arrange to meet with you on short notice if an emergency arises.

Q. Do you accept fees from schools or programs for referrals?

A. We never accept fees or payments of any kind from the schools or programs we refer to; to do so would be unethical. Our reputation is based on our thoughtful and committed representation of the interests of our families, not the schools to which we refer.

Q. What about follow-up after my child has been placed in a residential setting?

A. Not only is it critical for you and your chosen school to have our continued involvement and follow-up, we believe it is one of the most important parts of the counseling process and a hallmark of our work with families. It is how we can continue to be helpful to you over the time your child is in school, and how we are able to maintain the most effective relationship with the people working with your child.