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Our Services

Whether you are looking at day or residential settings for your pre-teen, adolescent child or young adult, these are important decisions that have the potential to be life changing. Our goal Jackson Associatesat Jackson Associates is to counsel families about the most appropriate opportunities so that informed educational choices can be made. Finding the optimal school for your child will result in a lifetime of rewards for your entire family.

Our services are completely individualized and, depending on your requirements, they generally include:

Our initial parent interview

At this meeting we will gather all of the background information including transcripts, test reports, and school comments. A discussion of your goals for your child, both short term and long term will be a critical part of this first meeting. We will also ask you to permit us to speak with other significant professionals in your child’s life so that we can form the most accurate picture of strengths and requirements.

Our first meeting with your son or daughter

Subsequent to our meeting with you we will meet with your child. We believe it is critical to engage the student in the counseling process. It offers us an opportunity to become acquainted with your son or daughter, and, most important, allows your child to feel that he or she has a voice in the planning of the next educational step.


After our initial meetings we review all relevant paperwork, talk to other involved professionals, and reflect thoughtfully on our impressions so that we can form a meaningful profile of your child. We may want to facilitate testing, visit the classroom, make a home visit, or suggest other strategies and make interim recommendations.


If national tests are required such as the Secondary School Admission Test or the High School Placement Test, we can facilitate a private administration of these exams. We can also provide recommendations of how and with whom to prepare for these tests. On some occasions we may also suggest more comprehensive psycho-educational testing in order to identify learning styles and to create a complete personal profile. Dr. Brooke Jackson can facilitate a full battery of psycho-educational tests in our offices.

Subsequent meetings

Jackson AssociatesAt follow-up meetings with you we will discuss our research, share our perceptions, update our information and review and discuss any testing that has been facilitated. We will discuss with you all of the data that went into our recommendations, and then talk with you in detail about our conclusions.

Our recommendations of residential settings are pre-screened so you can be confident that the schools you are considering feel your child is a good fit and that space is available. We make your appointments for visits, help with your itinerary, and prepare a thoughtful report of advocacy about your child that is sent to the school prior to your visit.

We talk with the schools you have seen and we like to meet with you again to gain input from you and give you feedback from the programs and schools you have visited. We can provide advice about your applications, including parent and student statements.

A key part of our work with your family is our advocacy for you at the schools or programs with which you feel the most comfortable. Because we have been educational counselors longer than anyone in California we have had ample time to build solid and lasting relationships with schools and special programs throughout the United States. We value the trust that educators and school professionals have in our ability to match students to schools where they will thrive, a trust we have earned over the last thirty years.


This is the true hallmark of our work with families, and schools and programs throughout the country will confirm this. We maintain contact with the school your child attends after placement, and remain available to you for the duration of his or her enrollment there.