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Welcome to Jackson Associates, a firm specializing in individualized guidance about educational choices for children, teens and young adults. With over fifty years of combined experience in the field of education, Alice Jackson and Brooke Jackson are both highly Alice Jacksonregarded by families throughout the greater Bay Area and by schools and programs throughout the United States. Their collaborative approach with families, schools, psychologists, teachers and other involved professionals ensures a thorough and comprehensive process for families making one of life’s most important decisions.

The Jacksons are known for their commitment to a close and personal counseling relationship with parents and their children. Recommendations of appropriate school choices are based on carefully gathered information about the student and in-person evaluations of schools and programs locally and across the country. At the heart Brooke Jacksonof the Jacksons’ work with families is their discerning insight about schools and an intuitive understanding of how the student and the culture of a school combine to make a successful placement.

Families who seek placement in day schools, boarding schools, and schools serving at-risk children and young adults find compassionate advocacy with Jackson Associates.